Monday, August 14, 2006

Water Everywhere

Good job we've had plenty of rain recently, because we ended up pouring quite a bit of water down the sink today.

My mum thought the kitchen tap was stuck in the morning, so asked me to try turning it - and I couldn't, but gave myself a blister on the hand for trying. Nor could her partner Paul when he got up, but he tried pliers, and ended up breaking off the tap.

In the afternoon, water started gushing out the tap quite fast. It was doing that for a couple of hours, before I found the stop-cock and turned it off. (That hadn't really occurred to me, Paul said he couldn't get down low enough to reach it)

The plumber came around 4 and fixed it (for £30 - I should've trained as a plumber, rather than doing a DPhil I'm sure...)

Apparently what had happened is there'd been a leak in the road, so the mains was off. My brother - up before 7am because he started a temporary job in London - had tried the tap, and then left it on. Consequently what Paul and I had been doing was turning the tap the wrong way - it was already on - so no wonder it broke when forced.

At least we didn't flood, and thankfully we're not on a meter!


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