Monday, September 24, 2007

Carling Academy Oxford

Following up from my last post, Oceansize are indeed playing Oxford - Fri 19th October, £8.50+.

Full listing here. While there didn't seem to be much on offer when I left, I see that this week alone I'm missing Madina Lake, Reuben, iLiKETRAiNS (with Her Name Is Calla) and Soho Dolls (only £4 with Transformation, highly recommended).

There's a reasonable selection of gigs but prices are a bit steep for my liking. Other gigs that may be of interest include:
26th Oct: Super Furry Animals
5th No: 65DaysOfStatic
8th Nov: Porcupine Tree + Anathema (sounds good, but £17.50!)
14th No: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (£15)

The listings don't include prices (which you only get if you follow the 'buy' link) and it seems you either have to pay £2.25 p&p or £1.50 to collect on the door if you want to order tickets online (unclear whether this is per ticket or booking). Presumably you can still buy in person from the box office, but at the old Zodiac they'd simply email you something you could use as a ticket - less expensive and no chance of being lost in the post.

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