Friday, January 11, 2008

0th Week Round-Up

It's good to be back in Oxford...

On Monday, I went for a quick congratulatory post-viva drink with Steve.

On Tuesday I had lunch with interview candidates for the JRF in Politics at Jesus and then in the evening went to Intrusion (the monthly goth night) down the Cellar.

On Wednesday I spent most of the day at the Centre for Political Ideologies Workshop on 'the Real and the Imaginary' and then in the evening had my supervisor to the formal graduate dinner at Jesus (three free meals over two days there!) before going on to the post-BPhil Philosophy party in Holywell Manor. Just before dinner I got offered some more Mill teaching too, which pretty much completes my load for the term.

Thursday wasn't really a productive day but I did try to get some work done - been trying to get through some reading on Hegel for Jerry's class.

This morning I was invigilating undergraduate Collections (internal college exams), which meant I got paid while I was reading the paper for Monday's Nuffield seminar(!) In the afternoon, I received an invitation to interview for the Queens JRF in Politics, which meant I had to spend most of the afternoon finding and editing some writing samples (rather than writing my presentation for next week's graduate political theory workshop) but was very welcome news.

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