Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Everton 1-0 Liverpool (AET) (FA Cup replay)

To be honest, if you'd asked me earlier I wouldn't particularly have minded going out of the FA Cup today, but I'm less happy with the way we did so. All the big guns are still in and entertaining Villa in the next round was hardly an easy draw. I wouldn't have minded playing a weaker team and seeing how they went. As it is, we now have injuries to Gerrard and Torres - typically, just after off-loading Keane.

Lucas can have few complaints about his second yellow, even if the first was harsh (he pulled out of a late challenge and the commentators said he was unlucky to be booked, both at the time and later). That sending off probably cost us but, even so, it wasn't until the 28th minute of extra time - just as penalties looked likely - that Everton were able to score. Sadly I missed the goal as ITV decided to cut to an advert in the middle of a frenetic stretch of play. They should never televise live football again quite frankly...

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