Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lotteries Are Gambling

I happened to glance through the Metro today, whilst waiting for an appointment, and noticed a feature on lotteries. It actually draws on Prof Mark Griffiths, from Nottingham Trent University, to deliver this shocking statement "Prof Griffiths believes lotteries are a form of gambling". I wonder if that counts as impact?

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At 7:56 am, Anonymous Dr Mark Griffiths said...

That comment is based on the fact that most people who play the lottery don't think that it is a form of gambling. The quote itself doesn't highlight the context in which I said it

Dr Mark Griffiths (Professor of Gambling Studies)

At 7:17 pm, Anonymous farm land investment said...

I think that is absolutely correct. Lottery certainly is a form of gambling. And worst of all, its used primarily by the poor.

At 1:59 pm, Blogger Ben said...

@ Mark Griffiths

What I quoted wasn't, in fact, something you said at all I assume (I take it you don't ordinarily refer to yourself in the third person), so the words I quoted were those of the Metro. Apologies if you felt that I was in any way mocking your work.

I think it fairly obvious that lotteries are gambling and was making fun of the Metro for needing to cite your authority for that point - and, indeed, for phrasing it as merely your belief, rather than a statement of fact.

At 2:09 pm, Blogger Ben said...

Here's a more interesting discussion:


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