Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday 13th

I knew I shouldn't have bothered to get out of bed today... I did so, before 7am, because I was supposed to be in college invigilating a test.

Well, for a start, college was in chaos because a massive power cut yesterday had taken out everything - lights, heating, kitchen, PCs... Although 'essential services' were being supplied power, by cables running over the ground, large parts of 2nd and 3rd Quads had been dug up to find the problem, and much work (including administering all the undergraduate tests - 'collections') was having to be done by hand.

Ironically, the one girl I was supposed to be invigilating was a 'special needs' case, and got not only extra time but a laptop, in one of the few rooms equipped with power. However, after making all these special provisions, our Classics tutor seemed to have cancelled the test at short notice and without telling college staff. Nice.

I sat around an hour before being told I could go (but at least assured I would be paid for that hour. Not that it was much consolation, having arranged my day around this - and couldn't accept an afternoon shift I was offered because I was meeting my supervisor).

The lack of power made working in college impossible, but since I had my meeting in the afternoon, I had to hang around town. Thankfully I got some work done in the Social Science Library, but it wasn't a productive day.

Oh, and I got A Perfect Circle's aMotion DVD + remix CD from, except I didn't - no DVD inside. Got to email them and return that then...

Roll on the 14th. Please.

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