Friday, May 19, 2006


Four quick things of note today:

1) I spoke to my supervisor about the possibility of applying for this lectureship. He seemed quite supportive, which actually surprised me a bit. Still a bit unsure what suspension of status would mean if I were to get the job - particularly accommodation-wise - but I'm not really expecting that at the moment. I think I just have to apply and then wait and see what (if anything) happens. It's too good an opportunity not to at least try for.

2) On the subject of accommodation, the flat ballot happened today and we got the flat we wanted. This is the problem though, were I to not be a student next year I suppose I wouldn't be eligible to it, and Carole from the tutorial office suggested I wouldn't be able to stay as the college were short of accommodation. This seems slightly unfair, because I think having applied I'm now committed to either paying the rent or finding a replacement tenant - I was going through some of these worries last summer, before my funding was confirmed. If I'm committed to paying for the flat, why aren't they committed to letting me live there?

3) I, and the rest of the GCR committee, had lunch with Sir John Krebs (the Jesus College Principal) and his wife. Judging by the lodgings and food, that's a job I'd like...

4) I'd had to cancel my tutorial for the afternoon, because one of my students was ill. I don't know when we'll catch up, given neither of them are around for 9th week... Still, I spent most of the afternoon/evening going through my Nozick notes, including Cohen and my friend Karl's critiques.

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