Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Moving Saga

Well, I spent most of yesterday packing and cleaning the flat. Ed had said he'd give me a lift down to Ship Street (college-owned houses just next to Jesus), but it wouldn't be until after work. Since he also had himself and his two new housemates to take, it turned out we didn't leave until 8:30. I had to go to a tiny room on the 3rd floor, and it took me 45 mins just to carry all my stuff up there from the hall - then I had to go to Tesco... Add to this the room hadn't even been cleaned since the last occupant, wasn't big enough for all my stuff and the curtains didn't cover the window (guaranteeing an early wake up) and things weren't looking good.

Thankfully, first thing this morning I went to see the accommodation officer and she said I could move into room 3 - the one I had in the first year of my M.Phil - first floor, much larger. It meant another hour moving, and I almost put my back out again shifting boxes and furniture, but at least it's a much nicer place to be for the next three weeks or so. Room aside, the shower and kitchen are pretty filthy, so have stocked up as much as I can on food I can eat with only a sandwich toaster and a kettle (lots of cous cous...) At least I'm near the libraries; guess I should try to make the most of that, not that I'm going to do anything more today.

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Hey Ben, I don't know if you read but this is probably relevant. to your research.


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