Sunday, May 25, 2008

Friends in High Places

My friend Sonia - who did the MPhil in Politics at the same time as I did - has obviously gone on to make quite a name for herself at the IPPR. Here she is talking about her latest report on BBC News.

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At 8:02 pm, Blogger Nick said...

I love 'have your say' posters. Miserable, grumbling, bitter, old grumps every last one:

"So now a panel of supposed experts wants to rob children of their summer holidays as part of the relentless march to "success". We need to think about the child having a childhood then maybe fewer adults would have stress-outs and coke habits? You can succeed too much"

At 4:20 pm, Blogger SPL said...

Sonia wrote a piece for the upcoming issue of The Oxford Forum.


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