Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day

Today was May Day in Oxford (and elsewhere, I believe). I didn't go down to Magdalen Bridge this year - much less stay up the night, as I had a busy day planned - but I did get up early for champagne and strawberry breakfast in college.

The rest of the day involved the applied ethics seminar in the morning, a tutorial on Republic, a post-interview meeting with one of the tutors in college (I came 2nd for the third time!) and the DPhil social in the department, before the real highlight: Jerry Cohen's Valedictory Lecture, which included his impersonations of the likes of Gilbert Ryle and Isaiah Berlin.

Chris Bertram, over at CT, also reports on the lecture, with photos, including my friend Kieran's banner. See also Virtual Stoa and Leiter.

The lecture was followed by a drinks reception in All Souls that (like the lecture itself) probably had a great concentration of eminent political theorists than most conferences I've been to - including what might as well have been an official MANCEPT outing - then many of us going to All Bar One and eight of us on for a curry. A thoroughly great night all round.

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