Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RJPP Update

I mentioned when bringing news about my second publication that the RJPP unfortunately has a rather poor net presence. Things seem to have changed with this snazzy new site. You can browse tables of contents - it seems they actually managed two issues in volume 6, both in practice on the same subjects, though my paper is in issue 1 (which seems to be the 'official' special issue). It also seems as if they've already assembled volume 7! Good going!

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At 10:17 pm, Blogger Rob Jubb said...

It is a lot better, although it still doesn't seem to have PDFs available. I wish I could remember where I got them to send a copy.

At 9:20 am, Blogger Ben said...

I don't suppose they're high profile enough to be on JSTOR, etc and I don't suppose they'd get many subscriptions if the PDFs were freely available online.

I haven't received my hard copy yet either, but I guess mail from America may take a while.


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