Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Journal Rankings Compiled

I'm often looking up reports on journals in deciding where to submit papers, particularly when I stray from specialist political philosophy journals into more general venues. With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful - to me at least, but hopefully to others too - to compile some useful resources.

Brian Leiter had a survey of the journals, including general ones, publishing the best work in moral and political philosophy. Results here:
1 Ethics
2 Philosophy & Public Affairs
3 Phil. Review
4 J. Phil.
5 Journal of Political Philosophy
6 Nous
7 Philosophy & Phenomenological Research
8 Utilitas
9 Mind
10 Phil. Studies
(Pleased to see I've already published in two of those!)

A survey on Thom Brooks' blog - which I reported on here - produced the following ranking (I think it should be noted that 'general' journals appeared to systematically outperform 'specialist' ones):
1 J. Phil.
2 Phil. Review
3= Philosophy & Phenomenological Research
3= Nous
5 Mind
6 Ethics
7 Phil. Studies
8= Philosophy & Public Affairs
8= Synthese
10 Analysis

Finally, but by no means least, Brian Weatherson reports the results of a survey here. He doesn't provide a ranking, partly because a range of different measures are given, but going by the mean (avg) ranking here's how some of the above perform:
1 Phil. Review - 8.9
2 Mind - 8.7
3= J. Phil. - 8.6
3= Nous - 8.6
5 Ethics - 8.5
6 Philosophy & Public Affairs - 8.3
7 Philosophy & Phenomenological Research - 8.2
8 Phil. Studies - 7.3
9 Journal of Political Philosophy - 6.2
10 Utilitas - 5.8


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