Monday, June 22, 2020

Five a day? Try one...

Apparently Brits are, on average, eating less vegetables. The news story doesn't (so far as I can see) link to the original source, but it mentions a report from the Food Foundation, so I assume it's this one.

I'm not entirely clear on the details, because sometimes (when talking about guidelines) the report mentions fruit and veg but sometimes it only mentions veg. Someone who doesn't eat much veg could, at least in theory, be eating lots of fruit (though I assume this isn't usually the case).

Nonetheless, there are marked divides between adults and children and between rich and poor, but around 80% of adults eat less than 3-5 portions a day, despite official advice to eat at least five portions of fruit and veg a day (and some would say double that).

Friday, June 12, 2020

Abolishing Restaurants?

A friend just shared a link to this provocative piece on abolishing restaurants.

I've not actually read it in full, so I'm basically just bookmarking it here, but it certainly looks interesting. I've never really seen such an argument made before, but it has parallels to arguments that might be made in other contexts.

For instance, in discussion of prostitution, there seems to be a difference between 'ordinary' sex - whether it be in a committed relationship or a one-night stand - and commercial sex. I've heard people make an analogy to cooking. Is there a similarly important difference between cooking for someone else as part of a caring (not necessarily romantic) relationship and cooking for them simply as part of some paid transaction?

Food for thought, perhaps.