Monday, January 01, 2007

Another New Year...

Well, last night I wondered down Cowley Rd with Daan and Becky. We stopped off in a nice little Jamaican place where the barmaid recommended us less mainstream drinks (so I had to order a round of 'a pint of the thing better than Strongbow and a thing that's better than Bailey's'). There also had some pretty good music - covers of well known songs like Paul Simon in a Jamaican reggae style - but it was pretty loud and got crowded, so we moved on after a couple of drinks.

As we wondered further towards town, we almost went in the ex-It's A Scream place on Magdalen roundabout, but didn't mainly at my insistence - partly because it didn't used to have a good reputation, looked crowded and I wanted to be more central in case my friends Maria and Oli got in touch later. Therefore we wondered down the High Street - suddenly in quite heavy rain - before ending up in Chequers. Disappointingly, despite being served what must have been just after 11, it turned out they closed at 11:40. (Even more annoying, I had a text from Maria to say she was in the pub on the corner of Iffley Rd!)

Since we were fairly close to college, the three of us just went back to the GCR to spend midnight together, before coming home. (At least it allowed me to check my post, including a belated Xmas card from Mike and a bottle of wine from Krister and Anandi for help in interviews)



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