Saturday, January 06, 2007


After some drama on the way to the conference yesterday, when my front wheel seemed flat and I needed to go through three pumps* to fix it, today I decided since it was the front I'd fix it myself.

*(it transpired my pump valve had a leak, so attaching it to a soft tyre merely deflated it - then I tried the mini folding pump device my mum had once bought me, but was only able to take it apart and still couldn't find how it was supposed to attach to the tyre or work, so in the end I had to borrow a pump from Pavel)

Frustratingly, after some effort to remove the wheel (the bolts were pretty much rusted on), I've been unable to find any leak in the tyre. I did, however, get round to fixing my spare punctured tube, which I can keep as a replacement should I need one. I've now got to go and put the wheel back...



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