Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ashes and Death

I've been staying up rather too late to follow England's Ashes fortunes the last few nights. For a while, I was briefly hopeful we could avoid a whitewash - 234-4 or something didn't seem that bad. Then the traditional collapse and Aussie innings...

Anyway, I don't know whether it was just masochism that made me follow CT's link and read the BBC over-by-over account to find out what had happened after I did finally go to bed, but if you go to 1350 there's the following comment sent in:

From Sam Jones in Reading, TMS inbox: "At my college we had lecturer called Mr De'Ath. Being slightly grown-up we didn't find this terribly amusing, until we discovered that he was actually a "Dr" De'Ath, and had dropped the "Dr" in a futile attempt to stop avoid people taking the mickey."

I don't know for sure, but I believe he could be referring to the Home Bursar before last of Jesus College. (He is listed under Emeritus Fellows here. He doesn't have his own Wikipedia entry, but amazingly his recently retired successor does. Our new Home Bursar is on FaceBook...)

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