Saturday, February 24, 2007

Liverpool 4-0 Sheffield Utd

I think it's a mark of progress under Rafa that we can make seven changes and still win 4-0, even if it is 'only' Sheffield Utd. Granted two penalties helped - but while Gerrard was certainly looking for the first I think he deserved it, and if he didn't then the subsequent kick to Peter Crouch's face must have involved a dangerously high foot, and the second can hardly be disputed. Robbie is still, for me, our best finisher and penalty-taker, so it was no surprise to see him put them away. That's three Fowler penalties after Gerrard fouls against Sheffield Utd this season (after this) - no doubt Neil Warnock told them to stop doing that in the second half. Nonetheless, things were fairly comfortable as Hyypia and Gerrard wrapped up the points, and Jerzy helped break a record run of home clean sheets in the Premiership I believe.

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