Sunday, February 18, 2007

Warwick Conference

The Warwick conference was a pretty nice day out - ten of us shared the train ride together - but as usual pretty Oxford-dominated (us being about half the paper givers).

There wasn't a very big audience for my paper, which may have been partly because both Julia and I had given our papers in Oxford this term anyway. Also whereas last year I got most of the faculty, this year it was only Andrew Reeve who was chairing us (though he did end up asking almost half the questions, which was nice). People obviously did remember me from last year, and I had a good chat with Fabienne Peter over lunch about my ideas.

Most of the questions I got were pretty much ones I'd already heard, but it was nice to meet a few new people, in particular Nat Coleman, who's working on lotteries in some capacity, see some old ones and have a day out together. The big regret is I didn't get chance to talk to Peter Jones in the end, though I see he's also doing BNW this year...

In the evening, Rob, Gabriel and I went to Milan's house party, which was fun - though owing perhaps in part to tiredness I have to admit to not mixing with any of his various friends that I didn't know.

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