Monday, February 05, 2007


Today I saw John Skorupski (photo) at the Moral Philosophy Seminar. He's not only a prominent philosopher - who I saw at the same series four years ago (while still an undergraduate) and who's book on Mill I heartily recommend (albeit only on the basis of ch.9) - but also the father of one of my friends.

I went out to dinner with him, and four others from the seminar, at Al Shami's - a Lebanese restaurant in the Jericho area. It was a very interesting and stimulating discussion, that took in his opinions on everything from the Leiter report, to Michael Rosen, saving the greater number and buck-passing. Apparently, for the record, he thinks one of the major motivations behind my thesis is a load of nonsense, because he thinks it's frankly absurd to suppose that fairness might require tossing a coin. I suppose I should beware the possibility that, say, job panels may find some of my ideas strange too...

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