Sunday, May 13, 2007

Liverpool 2-2 Charlton

Well, I was quite worried about this game because, even with a stronger team, it's amazing how often relegated teams start winning as soon as the pressure's off. That Italian u-21 goalkeeper Padelli conceded less than two minutes into his debut probably didn't help either. I hope Reina and Dudek are fit again for the CL final... (I'm not sure, but we may have Carson available again)

Although we did have to come back twice, Benitez' substitutions played a key part - with Kewell's cross nodded on by Kuyt for Alonso to score the first equalizer within about a minute of coming on. Too bad that he took Fowler off for a standing ovation minutes before we won a penalty - a goal in his final game would have been nice, but the substitution better than remembering him for a missed penalty I guess, and at least it gave Kewell a chance to score.

Thoughts will now turn to May 23rd. Personally, I'd be tempted to start Kewell, even though he hasn't yet played 90 mins since his return. The danger of having him on the bench is that he could come on after an hour only to break down or tire. At least if he starts, we can get as much as possible out of him, even if we have to take him off at half time...

My team: Reina; Finnan, Carra, Agger, Riise; Gerrard, Alonso, Masch/Sissoko, Kewell; Kuyt, Crouch. Subs: Carson/Dudek, Arbeloa/Hyypia, Pennant, Sissoko/Masch, Zenden, Bellamy, Fowler.

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