Friday, May 04, 2007

Teaching Experience

This term, my main teaching load is something I taught last term, and I think I'm noticeably more competent. Maybe it's down to more preparation time, or a better idea of the issues likely to come up - it's hard to say what exactly. Previously, most of what I taught I was teaching for the first time, and screwing up always worried me - I can point to things in the past that didn't go too well, and still now to things that could be improved.

I'm relieved to find this isn't in fact unusual - even experienced professors can be below par the first time they teach a course (see the comments on this CT post particularly here, here and here). The difference is, of course, that if they're giving the lectures, presumably no one in the cohort is relatively disadvantaged, when it comes to exams. But then, differences between tutors are such Oxford isn't a level playing field for all students anyway...

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