Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ethical Selections

A test of how your moral beliefs fit those of various philosophers (via).

I have to admit some of the choices are rather artificial/limited, and I may come out differently if I re-took this test. Nonetheless, my results are below, and I was very surprised by the top two:

1. Aquinas (100%) Information link
2. Jean-Paul Sartre (93%) Information link
3. John Stuart Mill (88%) Information link
4. Jeremy Bentham (85%) Information link
5. Epicureans (78%) Information link
6. Aristotle (73%) Information link
7. St. Augustine (73%) Information link
8. Nel Noddings (71%) Information link
9. Ockham (65%) Information link
10. Kant (63%) Information link
11. Spinoza (60%) Information link
12. Plato (55%) Information link
13. Nietzsche (50%) Information link
14. Prescriptivism (40%) Information link
15. Ayn Rand (35%) Information link
16. Stoics (32%) Information link
17. David Hume (29%) Information link
18. Cynics (23%) Information link
19. Thomas Hobbes (16%) Information link

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At 5:40 pm, Blogger Daniel said...

1. John Stuart Mill (100%)
2. Kant (79%)
3. Jeremy Bentham (72%)

That's not only very surprising, but also pretty baffling. I'm slightly suspicious as to how they're interpreting Mill in particular.

Also, why doesn't Kant get a first name?

At 5:42 pm, Blogger Ben said...

Central to their interpretation of J S Mill seems to be: "The Utilitarian principle is correct when the quality of pleasures is accounted for" and "Liberty is the most important pleasure". The latter, at least, is a rather dubious interpretation, but I suppose it could be allowed as a kind of shorthand.

At 6:55 pm, Blogger Rob Jubb said...

I think I used the 'question unsatisfactorily posed' answer for all but two of the questions. But they still gave me Kant (and Ayn Rand, but we can ignore that, and the thought that Ayn Rand is a philosopher).


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