Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nagel Readings

Core Reading:
T. Nagel (2005) 'The Problem of Global Justice' Philosophy and Public Affairs 33:2 113-47 (here)
A. J. Julius (2006) ‘Nagel’s Atlas’ Philosophy & Public Affairs 34:2 176–192 (here)
J. Cohen & C. Sabel (2006) ‘Extra Rempublicam Nulla Justitia?’ Philosophy & Public Affairs 34:2 147–175 (here)

S. Meckled-Garcia. ‘On the Very Idea of Cosmopolitan Justice: Constructivism and International Agency’ Journal of Political Philosophy (forthcoming) 1-27 (here)
M. Pendlebury (2007) ‘Global Justice and the Specter of Leviathan’ The Philosophical Forum 38:1 43–56 (here)
M. Moore (2006) ‘Globalization and Democratization: Institutional Design for Global Institutions’ Journal of Social Philosophy 37:1 21–43 (here)
M. W. Doyle (2006) ‘One World, Many Peoples: International Justice in John Rawls’s The Law of Peoples’ Perspectives on Politics 4:1 109ff. (here)
S. Chambers (2006) ‘The Politics of Equality: Rawls on the Barricades’ Perspectives on Politics 4:1 81ff. (here)
H. V. Milner (2005) ‘Globalization, Development, and International Institutions: Normative and Positive Perspectives’ Perspectives on Politics 3:4 833ff. (here)

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