Monday, December 24, 2007

Late Delivery

Apparently complaints about online shopping deliveries have risen in the run-up to Christmas.

The last of my Christmas presents (i.e. those I'd purchased for others) arrived this morning - just. My brother and I placed placed a joint Amazon order (my present for dad and his for mum) on the 19th. Both items were in stock and we were given an estimated despatch date of 20th, with super saver (free) delivery to reach us by the 24th.

On the 20th, I noticed that one of the items had come down a couple of quid in price, so cancelled the original order and ordered the same items again, this time with 1st class postage (which was still cheaper). Again Amazon estimated that they'd despatch on the 20th, but with the order now due to arrive on 21st or 22nd - and they continued to say this up until they did despatch in the early hours of the 22nd... Thankfully in the meantime they'd emailed to say they'd give top priority to all orders due by Christmas and, if need be, upgrade the postage for free. I think that's what they did, as the order arrived seemingly by Royal Mail special delivery.

While this isn't perhaps quite as smooth as the system is supposed to run, so close to Christmas I would regard it as perfectly satisfactory service. What I do find somewhat disturbing, however, is that I placed a Vine request (for the new Powderfinger album) on the 21st and received that on the 22nd...

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