Sunday, December 09, 2007

Travel Plans

Tomorrow, Monday 10th, I'm going home for Christmas. That means my mum coming up in the car to collect me and all my stuff (being back in college means having to completely vacate my room).

Tuesday 11th I'm getting the train up from Colchester (via London and possibly another change) to Sheffield, where I'll be staying overnight in this hotel. Depending what time I get there, I'll probably be looking for a nearby pub to watch Liverpool's must-win game with Marseille.

Wednesday 12th, at 11:30, I have an interview in Sheffield. After that, I may meet up with my current housemate, Bobby, who did a year abroad in Sheffield and happens to be paying a visit at the same time as me. Then I'll get the train up to Durham to see my old school friend Genny and staying the night with her.

Thursday 13th Genny will have the morning off work, but we haven't really got anything planned - maybe sight-seeing? After lunch, I'll be getting the train home - hopefully meeting my old undergrad flatmate Mike in London (maybe for dinner).

Throughout all of this, my internet access is likely to be virtually zero... If you get bored without me, feel free to read my latest thesis draft.

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