Sunday, August 31, 2008

Aston Villa 0-0 Liverpool

Well, we may have lost our 100% winning record, but Villa Park is never an easy place to go, particularly missing Gerrard and then losing Torres to a hamstring injury within half an hour. Although it'd be nice if some of our other players could chip in with goals at moments like this - it was, after all, presumably part of why we paid £20m for Keane - I'd have settled for a draw without our two main match-winners.

It was notable that Mascherano and Lucas came straight back into the side and, as I expected, we reverted to a 4-2-3-1 (although I would have expected Keane to play centrally, in place of Lucas, with Babel or Benayoun on the left). Hopefully there will be a signing or two tomorrow to boost the squad: Riera is apparently still 'close' but, after hearing that Newcastle may sell Owen for £2m due to his refusal to sign a new contract, I wouldn't mind a cheeky bid to bring 'St Michael' back, even if some supporters haven't forgiven him for the way he left.

Anyway, for now the good news is that we have an international break - so hopefully Gerrard and Torres will be back for our next match, against Man Utd (though it's touch and go). And, also, we're not the Liverpool Ladies, who've lost their first three matches to Chelsea (5-0), Arsenal (11-2) and Bristol (6-0)!

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