Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Journal Refereeing

Currently I'm largely occupied by preparing teaching for next year, but I know that what I really need to be doing is sending chunks of my thesis off to journals (which, unfortunately, requires me to do considerable re-working of them, if I'm not just going to be wasting everyone's time).

It's hard to get a guage on what the expectations are on a young academic. The latest poll on the Brooks blog - actually, two polls (1), (2) - concerns how often people submit. It seems the vast majority submit papers more frequently than every 6 months (generally every 2-4 months), although it's not clear whether all of these are new papers. Someone could just have one paper than they keep submitting to new journals every 3 months as it gets continually rejected!

I'm also keeping a close eye on this Leiter thread. No comments as yet, but it's a question about reviewing from a young academic who's just started beign asked to do peer review. I suppose it's comforting if much that goes to journals isn't that good, assuming it's not my work s/he is talking about!

UPDATE: See also this on peer review (via).

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