Friday, August 22, 2008


Despite reports of a stagnant economy and lower consumer spending, I've been spending quite a lot over the last week - it's the usual preparing for return to Oxford routine, including an eye test and dentist's check up (£60! Ouch...) plus a substantial amount of new clothes.

I think my mum overestimates how smart academics typically do/need to look, although I should say she bought me a suit and shirts because she did for my brother when he started work.

We actually got some bargains in Asda, but perhaps it's a shame that we hadn't seen this article on haggling first. (Mr Saunders from Verdict Research is no relation, by the way). What really caught my eye, however, was the statement from Selfridges' press officer: "You pay the price on the ticket. Any department store would tell you that. Otherwise there would be anarchy." I'm not sure s/he really understands the meaning of anarchy... (Then again, we know what women shoppers can reputedly be like in sales!)

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