Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alumni Weekend

On Friday, I took part in an open day at Corpus Christi College - my first official work for my new employer (even though my contract doesn't technically start until 1st Oct). Also this weekend, as a member of staff, I got a free invite to selected activities in the Oxford Alumni Weekend, so I went to talks on 'Universities and Globalization', 'The International Student Experience' and 'Undergraduate Admissions', hoping that they might be useful to my new role.

I guess they were, as one thing that I learned this morning was that a separate application form and additional payment is no longer necessary for those applying to Oxford. Also, on Friday, I found that PPE candidates no longer have to submit written schoolwork (thanks, Scot). I still don't see why they can't have a lottery. I actually asked a related question in the admissions talk this morning, but I'm not sure the guy really got it: he simply stated the obvious, that we'd still need to make choices. I suppose I'd better get back to reading Gataker (annoyingly, cheaper on Amazon than the publisher's own site, or even their conference stand)...

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