Friday, September 12, 2008

Back in Oxford

This week's conference in Manchester was great fun. There weren't too many senior professors - it was mostly PhD students and junior faculty - but that seemed to facilitate egalitarian discussion, academic and social. It was partcularly pleasing for me to give a paper in the sortition panel, allowing me to meet several members of the kleroterian email list (run by Conall Boyle) which coincided with the launch of a new series of books from Imprint Academic.

I must in particular thank my friend Becca, who kindly hosted me in her flat (rather than halls). I'm back in Oxford now - and starting to prepare for the coming term.

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At 6:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to meet you Ben! I was going to say put a name to the face, but your pic on this blog now needs updating! I am impressed at the speed with which you get your comments up - I'm hoping to send out an email with a set of papers attached (but of course I've already got yours). So it's from Jesus to Corpus Christi for you. May your God go with you (as the Irish comedian Dave Allan used to say)



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