Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back in Oxford

Today's journey was relatively uneventful. I knew that engineering works meant I'd be getting a coach from Ingatestone to London - there was some confusion when I was told differently at Colchester station, but that's how it worked out. I left Colchester at 1500 and didn't get into London until almost 1700, because of traffic on the M25 - but from there it was fairly straightforward.

Whereas last week I walked from Paddington to Liverpool St, this time I didn't have 6 hours to kill so got the bus part of the way (to Piccadilly), then stopped to look (very quickly) at the sales before walking the last bit to Paddington - 1950 train got me home by 2100. Didn't see much in the sales - I was hoping Zavvi would be having a real big clearout, but not yet at least... (Nor did I see any of this in Colchester's Woolworths).

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