Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sao Paulo 1-0 Liverpool

So, a record-breaking run of eleven clean sheets ended as Liverpool lost the worlc club championship final. Quite how, I'm still not sure. The statistics I saw said we had over 60% of possession, over twenty shots (to their five) and seventeen corners (to nil). That's to say nothing of three disallowed goals...

Anyway, I'll stop complaining before I sound like Gerard Houllier. The fact is the best team doesn't always win, and while it's frustrating to lose a final like that, I'm proud of our players.

I have to say I was slightly baffled it took so long to make changes. Although we were creating chances, we weren't taking them. Personally I'd have thrown Crouch and Cisse on around the hour mark. (Though this is only 'what I'd have done' - and I'd never claim to be a better manager than Rafa...)

I was happy to see FSP involved again. He's never looked too much of a goal-threat for us, but he's quick and skillful, and could develop into a Garcia-style tricky customer. I'd like him to get more first team chances.

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