Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Reading Group (HT 06 wk4)

For this week's reading group we decided to meet at the Angel & Greyhound (on St Clements, close to Magdalen roundabout) at the usual time of 8:30 Wednesday.

The chosen reading was Barbara Fried's 'Left Libertarianism: A Review Essay' Philosophy & Public Affairs 32:1 (2004) pp.66-91, the reply in P&PA 33:2 (2005) pp.201-15 and her rejoinder to that pp.216-22 of the same volume.

Memorable quotes:

OK: We're getting into utilitarianism for lions.

KO: Stop throwing long words at me.
SW: I'm just making up words now.

KW: It's not to do with Nozick, it's about a hypothetical.

SW: I treat my [one year old] daughter as an object.

KW: Not everything that doesn't exist is weird.

KW: Death is bad, it just isn't painful.

OK: I think it's worth... Well, not worth, but interesting to distinguish...

KO: I think there's been a massive increase in pedantic comments.
Me: We're philosophers!

OK/KW/KO: Every week we end up discussing pro tanto reasons.

KO: I didn't mean to get into paedophilia.

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