Thursday, April 20, 2006

Domus Dinner

Well, yesterday I went to the Kings Arms to congratulate my friends Karl and Steve, who both submitted their DPhil theses. (Karl's already seems to have its admirers)

I got welcome comments for being snappily dressed when I turned up in a suit and tie, but I was going on to our Domus (graduate and supervisors) dinner in college. It was a pleasant evening - although the food wasn't as good as it can be on these occasions, I can hardly complain when it was free (including wine). David and I did get some of the worst seats - in the fireplace - but that wasn't too bad.

We mostly talked about academic and administrative matters, including AHRC applications, MPhil students, a few matters in the department and publishing; but at least there weren't too many awkward silences. (I wouldn't normally have David down as a gregarious 'people person' to be honest, but either I haven't seen much of that side of him or he was on form)

Afterwards I caught up with a few people I hadn't seen since last term in the bar, and finally met my flatmate Pavel's girlfriend. (A conversation fraught with faux pas, since I didn't know his supervisor didn't know they were a couple (despite being at the dinner), that he was thinking of rowing again, and she didn't know he couldn't cook... Why do people keep so many secrets?)

Unfortunately since being rushed off my feet on my return to Oxford, I've already been feeling a bit run down. I didn't feel too good before the dinner, but felt positively rough by the time I got home. (Perhaps new - looser - suit trousers would help)

I wasn't hungover this morning, but have decided since I'm obviously not going to do anything productive to take the day off. It seems a good way to prepare for the coming term...

p.s. I got offered a second undergraduate to teach today - finally allowing me to make a pair!

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