Monday, July 17, 2006


Still no computer, so of several things I'd been wanting to say (aside from that update) you'l have to make do with this one (prompted by Rob's own thoughts)

It's interesting that FIFA have been keen to stress that the fourth ref did see the incident and that video evidence was not used. While it would, of course, have been an injustice if Zidane had stayed on the pitch, getting away with a headbut (as Figo did versus the Netherlands), it would have been an injustice of another sort - procedural - if he had been sent off on the grounds of video evidence, given that it is not currently permitted in football (unlike cricket, or American football).

Perhaps this shows you can't always be fully just. Maybe it has wider implications for equality (distributive or democratic), but I'll have to leave this for another day.

No mention of Ms Ellis-Bextor either...

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  1. Procedural and substantive justice, Ben? A hornet's nest, I tell you, a hornet's nest.