Saturday, February 10, 2007

Newcastle 2-1 Liverpool

The manager of the month curse strikes again! Somehow, we were all over Newcastle for most of the first half - with Bellamy in particular getting a lot of joy out of his ex-team mates. Than, a Reina clearance that richocheted off Agger and a debateable penalty allowed Newcastle to escape with all three points.

It's disappointing - and shouldn't have happened if we were capable of finishing more of the many chances we created - but I think the BBC were unjustly harsh on Reina. After an admittedly shaky start to the season, he'd formed the basis of a very solid defence over the last few months (just look what happened when Dudek stood in) and his 'sweeper keeper' role, while occasionally conceding needless goals, does on balance work well.

If these Americans want to spend big, then I suggest we need a real goal-poaching predator, some quality wide men (front and back), a centre-half capable of at least pushing Carra and Agger for a place and possibly a creative 'hole' type player, since without Kewell or Garcia we often seem a bit short of ideas in the final third. So, only half a team from glory...

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