Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Porto 1-1 Liverpool

If a draw was reasonably satisfactory at Portsmouth then here, clearly the toughest game of the CL group, it was something I'd happily have settled for prior to kick off - and, following the match, was practically delighted to achieve.

Sadly, despite being restored to 'full strength' our team never looked at the races, and by the time they scored we could already have been 3-0 down. I suppose it's a positive that Reina has so far only conceded goals to penalties, but we are giving away a penalty every other game... Not that there's any doubt about this one, or Pennant's second yellow - which was an obvious accident waiting to happen.

Thankfully, Porto - a bit like Man Utd at the moment - are a team full of creative flair players but with no one there to provide the real cutting edge in the box, and they couldn't make us pay even when we were down to ten men.

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