Friday, December 28, 2007

The 19th Century Canon

My friend Rob is currently getting to grips with Plato.

I'm currently working on filling some more recent gaps in my knowledge. I hope I know Mill's Utiltiarianism and On Liberty pretty well, but I decided it was about time I read something else - so I've just finished Considerations on Representative Government. Just the Subjection of Women left now to finish my four essay set (which, btw, was only £2.99 when I bought it in 2000, and now apparently £6.99 cover price!).

I've followed that up by re-reading Marx's Communist Manifesto today. If I get time next term, I'd like to finally attend Jerry's Hegel and Marx class and learn a bit about this chap. I hear he may be important...


  1. Don't forget to go to David Leopold's lectures on Hegel and Marx. He's just written a book on the young Marx which is (apparently) regarded as a most important work on the subject in quite a number of years.

  2. It's a good book. Look out for my forthcoming review in - oh, yes - Modern Jewish Studies. Though I think there's been a lot of important work on the young Marx recently -- stuff by Gareth Stedman Jones, Allan Megill and Daniel Brudney, too -- and I don't think any of these writers can claim to stand head-and-shoulders above the others: all four have sensible, significant things to say.