Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunnyvale Gig

Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element (8/10) + Foxes! (7/10) + 1877 (7/10)

Attempting to put right the dearth of recent gigs, I made it two in two nights (after this) by checking out some more local bands at the Purple Turtle. Contrary to some false advertising, the event wasn't free, but at only a pound not much to complain about (contrary to McDonald's poundsaver menu adds, this gig was much better than a burger).

Sadly, the PT seemed pretty disorganized. Doors were supposed to open at 8 and they were indeed open when I got there at half past but, after I saw a band setting up and sat around for half an hour, a security guy then threw me out of the performance area because they weren't ready. I had to wait in the other half of the PT until gone half nine - although there was no real indication when they finally started so by the time I actually made it to see 1877 I was only able to catch their last song. It sounded very Joy Division influenced, like Editors or Interpol. While I can't really pass much judgement from that one song, I'd certainly be willing to see them on a bill again.

Next up were Foxes! who featured a rather unusual line-up of a female singer-drummer and two guys with guitars (one of whom shared singing duties). They describe themselves as indie / powerpop / folk rock, which I suppose just about covers it, though I can't really think of anyone they sound much like for purposes of comparison. It's an upbeat kind of indie-rock that has feet tapping and people dancing - and it looks like they've brought quite a crowd of admirers, who great each song enthusiastically. Despite the poor singer having coughing fits between each song, they go down well.

Headliners Sunnyvale were due on stage at 10:45, but it's around 11:20 by the time they finally do get on. This is the fourth time I've seen them, which is more than I've seen any other band, though it shouldn't be concluded I'm that big a fan - this is over a period of six years on the local scene! Nonetheless, this is the first time since I bought the Techno Self-Harm EP, and I think I enjoy it more for knowing and recognizing most of the songs (even though they now have a full length debut album).

Sadly, things don't go too smoothly as - after just two songs - Stuart announces that his bass is busted. This results in a brief delay, before he resumes using a replacement (from 1877), which he has to play upside down because he's left-handed. Sadly, that delay when the night was already running late means the band only get two more songs - 'How Spiderman Was Tricked By His Wife' and 'Girl Thief' - in before calling it a night (whether due to technical troubles or a midnight curfew, I'm not sure). Only four songs was massively disappointing, but given the gig was only a pound one can hardly complain about not getting value for money. I enjoyed what I heard, and can't hold the technical difficulties or PT's inability to keep time against them. I guess now I might have to go see them again at one of their up-coming shows (25th April @ Wheatsheaf)...

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  1. Hey Ben - sorry we only got to play a few tracks on Sunday. Will make up for it with a full set with non-broken guitars on the 25th if you can make it!

    stuart sunnyvale