Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I was at part of the Introduction to Academic Practice for new staff yesterday. Can't really say I learned much, but I suppose it was good to show my face for at least some of it.

One thing I disagree with though is the glossary of Oxford terms given out in the info pack, which says the week before 0th (nought-th) is -1th (minus one-th week). I think I might have heard that term but, in my experience, -1st (minus first) is more common as well as more natural.

Certainly -1st is what you currently see displayed on the DPIR website, although that shouldn't be taken as definitive since their IT bods either a) can't make the calendar update on Sunday or b) think the week starts on Monday.

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  1. Yes, it should definitely be "minus first". Would they call last week "minus twoth"?