Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another Potential Real-Life Trolley Problem

Last month I posted on this story of a runaway train on London Underground. Now it seems that something almost happened again, with one train being sent the wrong way into the path of another during rush hour yesterday. Maybe London Underground do need to employ a moral philosopher...

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  1. Dominic Roser10:59 am

    There was this case 4 years ago close to where I live: There was repair work in the middle of the night and a train wagon with three workers on it started moving downhill and couldn't be stopped anymore because the brakes didn't work. They contacted the headquarters and the headquarters had to decide within minutes what to do. They decided to let the train run to a certain place where it would come to a halt by crashing into smth. All three workers died.

    I'm quite happy I didn't have to make the decision where to let this train run...

    (reference in german: