Friday, September 08, 2023

Education and rote learning

Apparently this maths problem is doing the rounds. It didn't seem that challenging to me, though I can't comment on how difficult it would be for 10-year-olds.

I post it here mainly for the note at the end, reminding us that "education is not just about rote learning but also about critical thinking and problem-solving." I'm not entirely sure about the phrasing of this claim, since it seems to imply that education is partly about rote learning. Maybe that's truer at lower levels though.

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  1. Rote learning, often criticized for its emphasis on memorization over understanding, has been a longstanding part of educational systems. While it can help in certain scenarios, solely relying on rote learning might hinder critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills in students. For instance, in assignment writers near me, an over-reliance on rote learning could result in regurgitating memorized information without demonstrating a deep understanding of the subject matter