Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Liverpool 0-2 Benfica

So the European defence comes to an end... I did think a few people seemed rather over-confident that we'd pull off another great escape, but the sad fact is Benfica were a relatively easy draw (which we merited by topping our group, of course) and should've been there for the taking.

The sad fact is we were again let down by finishing, but in fairness we hit the woodwork twice and Robbie had a third 'goal' ruled out since his return! Surely if he keeps putting the ball in the net, one will eventually count...

There's not a lot more to say really. Having lost 3-0 aggregate over towl egs I can hardly complain. I know we're well capable of beating Benfica, but the fact is we didn't - and once we had to come back from another down, it was all over.

Good luck to Arsenal flying the British flag.

UPDATE: It's interesting that the BBC reports Rafa blames defenders, while also refering to a Guardian report saying he blames our strikers.


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