Monday, March 20, 2006


Just a quick observation: I find it quite funny that the homepage of the Public Policy Unit still lists the following item of news:

A new book, The Citizen’s Stake: Exploring the Future of Universal Asset Policies (Bristol, Policy Press, 2006), co-edited by Stuart White (Jesus College) has recently been published. It has been widely circulated among journalists and policy-makers in the UK and reviews will be shortly forthcoming. Further reviews and dissemination will follow in the USA and China. A high-profile launch conference, organised by ippr and sponsored by Children’s Mutual, is planned for February. Speakers are to be confirmed.

I was looking forward to that, but don't know quite what's going on now. Have to say it's not exactly atypical of our department as far as organisation (and keeping people informed) goes. How they're supposed to advise on public policy I don't know...


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