Thursday, March 30, 2006


I just took a quick survey on attitudes to rudeness - what was perceived as such, how much it bothers you, etc. The final question was something along the lines of 'what do you think is the rudest thing you can do?'

I don't know if you can view the results without having logged in/done the survey, but while most were the usual (swearing, farting, lack of please/thank-yous) I found some of them so amusing I had to share:

take the mick out of me and my family because we are from London and moved to Nottigham.

shit in someones mouth, i've got a video on my phone where some chinese girls doi it, i can't watch it, its really horrible

trip you up, then tread on you, then spit on you, then be rude about your mother whilst driving the wrong way down a one-way street whilst simultaneously emailing and speaking on their mobile phones.

Having a bad attitude when you are paying their wages: if you don't like your job get another one, but why should I have to look at your big fat whingey face when I'm parting with my hard earned cash. Civility costs nothing.

men - walking around without shirts on. women - swearing

Taking a mobile phone call whilst in the middle of an appraisl meeting!

This has infinite possibilities but somneone dropping their trousers in a bar once put me off him & the bar pretty much forever.

piss on you whilst sleeping

Asking leading questions in opinion polls such as "Typing e-mails while talking to a friend on the phone, unconcerned that your friend hears the distracting taps of your keyboard" in order to get a specific answer.

Ask me to stop using my mobile phone, while I am eating with my mouth open, in a restaurant. Stop being so nosey.

answer the phone during an intimate moment


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