Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Liverpool 2-0 Newcastle

After two straight defeats against arch-rivals, the League table is already looking pretty bad, but the one note of optimism is that both came away - Liverpool's form at Anfield is still very good. Nonetheless, I did have some worries about facing Newcastle while in a slump of form, and though initially hearted to hear Given was out I feared Harper might put in an inspired performance to show he deserved the place (I remember Macho having what must have been the two best games of his life against us for Sunderland).

Unfortunately, the game wasn't televised, but judging by the radio commentary it sounds like we had a lot of possession and a lot of chances. I'm glad Garcia got a look in again - he's an intelligent player we need for his goal-scoring touch. It sounds like there were some true flashes of genius from the little Spaniard, which including hitting the post and putting the ball in the net only to be booked for handball.

Of course, the Spaniard everyone will be talking about is Xabi Alonso. Some have been calling for him to be dropped after an indifferent start to the season (by his standards). Personally, I think the idea he needs a rest is ridiculous - he needs games to get his form back and, as they say, class is permanent. I haven't seen the goal yet - though presumably it will be either on the news or youtube soon - but apparently it was from about 70 yards (well in our half), and bettered the one versus Luton last year, because he had the 'keeper to beat (even if Harper did slip).

In fact, the Luton goal was, I believe, Alonso's last - he's not someone we expect to be a terrific goal-scorer, except in the sense of scorer-of-terrific-goals - so I'd rather just seem him regain his all round form and passing. I was pleased that Kuyt finally notched his first though, after my concerns at the weekend. Hopefully, as happened last year, once our strikers start scoring they won't stop... (And if they don't start soon, it really is about time Crouch got more of a chance)


At 12:03 am, Blogger Rob Jubb said...


I don't think it would have gone in unless Harper had slipped, but still, in the corner, at pace, from seventy yards.

At 8:39 am, Blogger Ben said...

Thanks Rob, but I did manage to see it on TV after the post, and since found it here:

You're right if Harper was there, he'd probably have saved it, but he was off his line... It's definitely better than the Luton goal, though I think that one was left-footed!


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