Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Night

Already not too happy from watching Chelsea's win, I was further disappointed to hear I hadn't been invited to interview for the St Peter's Lectureship. Given I had made the shortlist for two better posts (more hours, more money) I was a bit surprised - I'd have thought I'd be about as qualified as anyone they'd get for such a post. (Granted, less teaching experience than some, but they weren't likely to get people with PhDs and at least I know the Oxford system well).

I was in college to greet new freshers. Since some courses start well before freshers' week, our GCR pres decided it'd be a good idea if two committee members spent a couple of hours in the GCR on Sunday nights with an informal tea and biscuits drop-in meet thingy. For the third Sunday running, no one showed up*, so Steve, Vicki and I ate the biscuits... I think there are a few people around now, but I'm not sure these nights were well (at all?) advertised: Neil the porter said he'd have told new arrivals about it if he'd known.

*That's not quite true. One girl came in, but only to fetch something from the kitchen. She did introduce herself, but that was it.

I did get to see a couple of old people, and flick through the newspaper, but that was about it. Afterwards, however, I went to Alex C's birthday in Quod, where Rob and I spent a while trying to explain how Oxford's undergrad system works to Tiziana.


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