Saturday, November 25, 2006

Catz Nite

Last night was the famous Catz Nite - a formal dinner involving all the tutors and most of the students of college (as many as they can accommodate in their hall, at any rate), followed by a bop going on until 2am, which just about the whole college attend.

I have to say I've attended plenty of black die dinner/party type events, and didn't think this really stood out, but then perhaps that comes of not knowing many people. I did get to sit next to, and so finally meet, Edward Kanterian at dinner, as well as a couple of Catz graduates and a 1st year. I also got to chat to a few more students, including one of my current tutees, afterwards, before Rob and his housemates came along.

Still, with drinks at Catz bar apparently just 80p a pint (paid on card), for an almost free party it was certainly good value. The only downside is that after walking Rachele home I got caught in college by torrential rain and, after trying to wait it out, ended up getting absolutely drenched on my way home.

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  1. Anonymous8:26 am

    Oh dear...sorry!!! Did appreciate not having to walk home by myself though...