Monday, November 20, 2006

My Political Profile

Your Political Profile:
Overall: 15% Conservative, 85% Liberal
Social Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

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At 1:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

I couldn't find your email so thought I'd get in contact with you this way.

I don't know whether you already know about this, but we are holding the
CANE conference at Newcastle on 20 January. It's a one-day, free, postgrad
conference that broadly covers anything in politics -- and I'm trying to
get a strong political philosophy presence. It would be great if you could
give a paper. It doesn't have to be anything particularly polished -- the
conference is supposed to be a place to present works in progress in an
informal setting, and the papers are only about 15 minutes long and aren't
Also, would you mind mentioning the conference to other people in your
department who might be interested?

Anyway, it would be great if you could make it!

James Pattison

At 1:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah, my email address is


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