Saturday, November 25, 2006

Liverpool 1-0 Man City

Despite Liverpool's midfield being decimated, this was a professional performance and a satisfying win against a team that - given their poor away record - were surprisingly difficult to break down.

From what I gather, we switched from playing three centre back with Finnan and Risie operating as wingbacks - a formation I actually think particularly suits our players, at least when we're devoid of wingers - to deploying Carragher as full back during the course of the game, switching Finnan back and Riise forward. At least we have some quite flexible players, I wouldn't have been surprised had Agger been used as a LB or even defensive midfielder.

Thankfully Gerrard stepped up to show he can still boss the centre of midfield and score crucial goals. It's something we'll need over the next week or two, until we get some of our others back.

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